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Sunday, September 12, 2010

People in Glass Houses...

Flipping channels on the t.v. tonight, a clip from The View caught my attention. Barbara Walters asked "why is Bristol Palin a celebrity?". She went on to assert that Bristol Palin is not a celebrity, but a 17 year old who got pregnant and wasn't married.
I happen to agree with what she said, but I found it to be a bit ironic. Isn't Barbara Walters the woman who released a memoir a year or two ago, and admitted to an affair with a married Congressman? And now she's a moral authority? I had the same reaction to Bill Cosby's "Come on, people" rants throughout the nation a couple of years ago. I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Cosby's urging blacks to take personal responsibility, make better moral choices, and reclaim our families and communities. However the judgmental tone, mocking, and self-righteous manner in which he beseeches the black community amazes me. Am I the only one who remembers about a decade ago when a woman accused Cosby of being her dad? And we held our breaths....what? No, not Dr. Huxtable; say it ain't so! And it wasn't ---turns out it was a hoax. HOWEVER, it was true that he'd had an affair with this woman's mother. Where's the personal responsibility here, Bill?
I am not saying that we can't have our opinions. Nor am I saying that personal failures exempt us from expressing them. All I am saying is that before we pontificate, at least admit our own failings. We could even talk a little about what our failures cost us, to be a teaching moment. But we must make sure that when we are hurling judgments, we have examined ourselves and don't give the impression that we are without fault.

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