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Monday, December 6, 2010

OK, I love my girl Oprah (from time to time she works my nerve, but I pretty much am a fan. Can't get with all the new age religion stuff, though. Girlfriend lost her mind when she said there are many ways to get to God. Last time I checked Jesus Christ was the only way).

ANYWAY, here's my gripe----lately she has gotten loosey goosey with the clothes. The girls have just been making too many appearances!! Did she fire her stylist or something? And it's not just on her show. The other night I am watching the news. I was so proud to see our dear Ms. O as a recipient of the Kennedy Center honor. Adorning her neck is the lovely, colorful ribbon bestowed to all honorees. But wait--what's that above it? Is that a cornish hen laying on her chest? NO---it's her breasts! Popping all out of her blouse. At arguably one of the most significant award ceremonies of her life, Ms. Winfrey doesn't have the sense enough to dress with enough modesty to reflect her name without giving away her social security.

Alas, she is only following the way of today's society. And I admit that I need to be a little less dowdy, sometimes looking matronly though only 41. But really, we have an epidemic of cleavage that really needs to cease. It is time for women to put the girls back in their place, away from public viewing.

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