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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Lord Is Kind

I have been a member of the church I attend for fourteen years, and for as long as I can remember our pastor would say "the Lord is kind". I always agreed, because he is. However, I am understanding that expression on a deeper level than ever before. For several months I experienced a storm that, quite frankly, was hell. And as difficult as the primary situation was, in the midst of it I kept discovering unpleasant characteristics and personality flaws of my own. So not only was I feeling battered by circumstances out of my control, I was also greeted with ugly little pictures of my character---ouch!

But just when I felt totally overwhelmed by the magnitude of my flaws, I had four different instances of people coming along side me and truly building me up. Every single issue that I discovered about myself that was ugly and painful, someone came along and said something to offset it. Now let me be clear---all the ugly things I discovered about myself were true and needto be addressed. But each positive affirmation helped me to not be fully engulfed in negativity. God loved me enough to show me my faults (Hebrews 12:6 - whom the Lord loves he chastens); and just when He knew I was at the brink of self-loathing, people came along to help me see that my flaws are not the totality of my being. The Lord was kind enough to confront me with my 'sins' so I could grow deeper in my understanding of Him and His grace, His mercy, and my need for Him, and kind enough to provide me comfort and reassurance. I now really understand "The Lord is kind!".

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