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Friday, December 2, 2011

The Close of 2011

Well, December is here and yet another year is rapidly coming to a close. It's amazing how time seems to take forever when you are a kid, but goes so rapidly in adulthood. Remember how it seemed like Christmas would never come? Or your birthday? Now you look up and think geez---the year's almost over? Where did the time go?

So now that December is upon us, I can't help but think about the resolutions I made for 2011 and what I will make for 2012. Resolutions for 2011....what did I even resolve? Let's see---think, think, think---oh yes. One of my resolutions was to lose weight. Hmmm.....I can probably skip a few lunches and manage to accomplish that resolution before the year draws to a close. After all, I didn't say how much weight. So if I shed two or three pounds, I can scratch this off my list. (Ope, but I better do a teeny bit of exercise, since I will probably add a pound or two on Christmas day. After all, just the scent of Red Velvet cake causes my pants to fit a little tighter). OK, what else. I vowed to read more this year. Do the tabloids in the check out line count? I think so. Check yet another one off my list! I'm feeling pretty good now. I didn't realize how much I accomplished this year. What else did I say I would do? I know----I said I would take up a musical instrument. Darn, I can't say I did this. But wait! Isn't my clarinet still at mom's house? Sure, I haven't touched it in twenty-five years but what the heck. I will call mom tomorrow and see if she's seen the pieces around her house. I'll scoop them up some time next week and get busy re-learning how to play it. How hard could it be? I played from 4th grade through my senior year in high school; I am sure it won't be a big deal that it's been two and a half decades since I've touched it.

I am glad I took the time to review my resolutions for this year. I accomplished far more than I realized! I think I will go take a nap now. I've worn myself out just thinking about how much I did this past year. Hopefully 2012 will be as productive :-)

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