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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ohhhh...., so it is "tchotchke"

Back in December I posted that I was going to be "cha chee"---explore my inner diva and express a whole new persona.  I wanted to move away from the boring, frumpy person that I have spent my whole life being and ramp it up a bit.  Cha chee was something I heard a woman on television say.  Well, tonight I learned the correct spelling a real definition of the word.  It is t-c-h-o-t-c-h-k-e.  Now, I have seen this word before, but always to mean little knick knacky type collecitbles, like glass figurines.  So, while I am embarrassed that I was so off on the spelling, I had the right spirit of the word---a second definition of tchotchke is an attractive, unconventional woman.

So, in 2012 I think I will figure out which of my frumpy, old lady ways I will abandon to find the tchotchke that I have been smothering within me.

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